For Music Lovers Only

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I love music. A lot.


And I love discovering new music. Even moreso as I get ready for a total of 21 hours aboard a plane. (which brings me to another point…any book recommendations?)

But here’s 8 songs that I currently can’t stop listening to.  Why 8? It’s a magic number, everyone knows that. (okay, truth be told it’s just because the octopus has 8 legs. and it’s an even number.)

Back to the songs…in no particular order:

1.  Shake it Out by Florence+the Machine: I always feel confused about how to say this  her band’s name…I mean should I say, “Florence plus the Machine” or “Florence and the Machine”?

2.  Weight of the World by Pigeon John: It’s a fun song, really.

3.  Rosalyn by Thad Cockrell: I’m convinced this song is the perfect road-tripping, windows down, music blaring song.

4.  Galaxy Former by Sarah Macintosh: One of my friends introduced me to this girl, and I have to admit my love for this song remains totally wrapped around this video:  What a talented group of musicians.

5.  Dawn to Dusk by All Sons and Daughters: The lyrics to this song necessarily resound through my heart throughout the day… “Tomorrow’s freedom is today’s surrender, we come before You, lay our burdens down…”

6.  We Are Young by Fun.: I love me some Janelle Monaé, and this song is one of those catchy songs that isn’t annoying when you’re still singing it 2 hours later.

7.  Quiet Little Voices by We Were Promised Jetpacks: For some reason, this guy’s voice is what makes this song work for me. Disclaimer: this song is slightly repetitive, so if repetition makes you do crazy things…don’t. listen.

8.  Young Blood by The Naked and Famous: True story: one of the first things that drew me to this band was their awesome album cover.  And you’ve probably heard their song Punching in a Dream, which I also recommend.  They have a very similar sound to Passion Pit, but different enough that is also fun to play at maximum volume in your car with the windows down.

That’s all.

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