my week in instagram

So these past 2 weeks have been filled with LOTS of packing, and LOTS of visits including (but not limited to) my new sweet 2nd cousin, Miller (top right), and of course my 3 year old best friend Millie Grace (pictured in the bottom-left corner).

(Please note the bottom-right corner, the TV screen of To Kill a Mockingbird, only one of the single most greatest films/books in the planet.  I like to think that it came on TV last night just for me as a sort of going away present. :o)

Let me be sentimental for a moment and say:

1) I have the best mama in the planet, she’s the hottie in the top-left corner.

2) I’m super glad I was able to get to at least see my best friend’s bridal portraits this past week. She’s the hottie in the bottom-right corner.

3) And as long as we’re talking about hotness, let me just say that the 5 year old (Hattie) and the 6 month old (Ada) are definitely holding their own in the bottom-left picture.

4) Don’t think I’ve left you out, café bustelo. I’m well aware that my addiction appreciation for your black, cuban, caffeine goodness is also, indeed, hot. In fact, I think now is the appropriate time to employ the spelling, hawt.

(I’m pretty sure the urban dictionary created this alternate spelling for such a purpose).

While I have your attention, let me just say I’m super excited to be working on a blog post series on Biblical Womanhood through the eyes of Queen Esther.  She might be one of my favorite women in all of Scripture.  Why? Simple. She’s a boss the honey badger.

that’s all.

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3 Responses to my week in instagram

  1. Dusty says:

    I absolutely just about fell over when I read the honey badger comment… HAHAHA… Epic.

  2. Natalie says:

    i love reading and re reading your posts! and those are just the start! AH! can’t wait to hear and see what God will be doing 🙂


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