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a very sari party

Step 1: In our case, we got lucky and found ourselves the one and only Lena Gray Pendergrass.  Rumor has it that she is, indeed, the beginning of any and all hipster movement.  I’m sure you’ve wondered about the girl … Continue reading

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a father’s day story

My Father’s day gratefulness in pictures: I’m so glad you wouldn’t take no for an answer when you went on a blind date with Mom and she wouldn’t go back out with you because she was busy with work and … Continue reading

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Esther, the Honeybadger: Part 2

I’ve wrestled with writing this post for a while, specifically wondering if this series fits into the purpose of my creating this blog.  As much as I am encouraged by the responses to my writing about everyday life here in … Continue reading

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OH, SNAPshot

One of my favorites things about photography is in capturing a moment in its entirety–the sights, smells, sounds, etc.  Here are  some moments from this past week that I’ve captured that I wanted most to share…Enjoy!

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