Be Angry

be angry

Be angry and do not sin.

Be angry at the injustice & corruption of governments, school systems and even churches you see.

Be angry at the amount of poverty you see and the way it steals children’s innocence, forcing them to steal & beg for their pimps or families that know no better.

Be angry that every 7 SECONDS a child is sold into sex slavery.

Be angry that so often the church chooses to listen & submit to the authority of man instead of Scripture.

Be angry that millions of babies are murdered every day, silenced forever because of NOTHING wrong they’ve done.

Be angry that the darkness & evil others choose can affect the entire life of other human beings.

Be angry when you see abuse, alcoholism, & rape.

Be angry.  Weep.  Mourn. Grieve over the things that grieve Yahweh.

But DONT sin.  Don’t let that anger become the means to which you justify your actions. Don’t CHOOSE bitterness like Naomi in the story of Ruth.  Living where I do, I think there hasn’t been a day in which I wasn’t confronted with the majority or even all of these examples. It would be EASY to hide in my room all day. It would be EASY to choose to callous myself to the affects of seeing these things. It would even be EASY to do nothing.

But Yahweh never said I was called to a life of “easy.”

He says be angry. Be affected. “Weep with those who weep.”  Don’t let your spiritual and emotional muscles become atrophied. Be angry at the depravity of the world. Hate sin. Hate evil. Hate the things for which His perfect Son died to eradicate.  Be broken over the state of the world.

But don’t sin.

Know that Yahweh is the ultimate avenger. Find hope in knowing that He will make all things right, lovely, and good.  Take joy in Revelation 7:9-10.

Do something to fight these things. Make your church aware of the evils that pervade the world, for when the church is silent, we falsely portray the image of Christ, Defender of the weak, Father to the orphan, Giver of life, Restorer of souls, the True Judge. Read the book of James & understand what true religion is. Commit to pray that the worldwide child-sex-slavery operation would be shut down (which by the way, is FUNDED BY PORNOGRAPHY). Volunteer at a homeless shelter. Go overseas & see the state of the world outside of the land of the free, home of the brave. Become an advocate for those who have no voice & AWAKEN your church to get involved.

Do something.

Just don’t be neutral.

Don’t choose sin.

Don’t choose apathy.

I used to never understand this verse, but living in South Asia makes a lot of Scripture come alive.  “Be angry & don’t sin; don’t let the sun go down on your anger, and give no opportunity to the devil.” Ephesians 4:26-27

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3 Responses to Be Angry

  1. silverfam says:

    Love you Carol. Thanks for this.

  2. silverfam says:

    Love you Carol. Thanks for this post. Encouraged by your faithfulness.

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