Happy Birthday, Ya Filthy Animal

6a00df352345de88340111688dd0d6970c-800wiRemember when Mom would rent movies from work for us on Friday nights and you would ALWAYS pick either Star Wars or Indiana Jones?

Remember when we convinced our babysitter, “oh yea, our mom let’s us flood the sandbox all the time?”

Remember when we were in high school and you wouldn’t let me in the bathroom because I felt sick so I threw up right by the door so you had to walk over it?

Remember when you and Brett used to always make me judge ya’lls diving contests at the pool?

grayson 6Remember when I left the kitchen drawer open that you were standing on top of and you fell and ended up having to have 26 stitches (I’m sorry, okay??)?

Remember how you ALWAYS begged me to wake you up at 2 am on Christmas morning to open our presents?

Remember how you used to get mad at me in the car when I could memorize a song after listening to it once and you had to listen to it multiple times (thus, I will never, ever, EVER be able to forget the lyrics to Hotel California)?

grayson 2

Remember how we started going to the early service with Becky at church because we wanted to beat the Sunday lunch crowd at Royal Buffet?

Remember when I was so jealous of you for getting to go to school before I did?

Remember when Mom used to make us nachos after school?

Remember when we both worked at camp and everytime Luke would see us together he would yell out “family meeting”?

grayson 7Remember when Mom didn’t believe me that I didn’t feel good and I threw up right beside you in the jeep (I was a very vomit-y kid, okay??)?

Remember that time in high school that we had a snow day and we were in your CJ-7 and we did a doughnut right in the middle of the road and then just kept driving like nothing happened (unless Mom is reading this, then in that case, THIS NEVER HAPPENED)


You’re my favorite brother and I hope you have an AWESOME birthday!

Happy birthday, ya filthy animal, I can’t wait to live it up in Europe with you guys!

P.S. bonus cool points to whoever can guess which SNL skit is pictured at the top of the post bc it definitely explains the theme of the post

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday, Ya Filthy Animal

  1. Grayson says:

    That skit would be THE CHRIS FARLEY SHOW!!!!

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