Scott & Wendy

I LOVED getting to photograph this lovely couple the other day.  Really, it’s great just to keep photographing, making sure I’m growing, etc.  This place has certainly changed me, and I love how it personally comes out in my art. Because this couple has a lovely announcement to make

McGuire_8253 copy

McGuire_8238b copy

McGuire_8288 copy


McGuire_8296 copy


This one’s my favorite:

McGuire_8269 copy





Follow their adoption journey and support them as they begin this new adventure!

And watch this awesome adoption video that made me ball like a baby.  “Family is adoption.”

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One Response to Scott & Wendy

  1. Dusty Dills says:

    Yep, I watched that video the other day and MAY or may not have cried… LOL…

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