Choosing Thankfulness

  1. friends coming to visit
  2. lunch dates with friends
  3. graffitti
  4. seeing a Muslim woman and knowing she’s smiling at me through the eye slits in her burqa
  5. skype conversations
  6. singing old hymns in church
  7. finding wassail spice in our cabinet
  8. facing backwards on the train
  9. being able to read the langauge
  10. moments of being alone in worship
  11. national’s hospitality
  12. fireworks from the 18th floor
  13. sunsets from the 5th floor
  14. dancing on the treadmill by myself in the gym
  15. neighbors
  16. returned supervisors
  17. southern part of the city
  18. coffee dates
  19. new Shelly Moore cd
  21. my very first Haldi
  22. oovoo making group skype possible
  23. big coffee mugs
  24. working headphones
  25. my first South Asian wedding
  26. honest rickshaw drivers
  27. notes from my Dad
  28. encouraging messages from my sister-in-law
  29. candles that smell like fall
  30. playing with fireworks
  31. living in a city where rickshaw drivers have to use the meter
  32. yummy velveeta cheese dip
  33. “it’s like you stacked 50 trailers from the South at Christmas time 50 stories high”
  34. hanging pictures in my room
  35. gold glitter reindeer
  36. roomie fun night
  37. surprise birthday weekend
  38. instant muffin mixes
  39. coloring with the neighbor’s daughter
  40. neighborhood children ready to teach me the language
  41. laughter at seeing a man one-handedly riding a bike in the city.  his other hand? digging halfway to China via his nose
  42. wearing a sari
  43. Hymn 27
  44. seeing a local church pray over a girl who’s leaving to get married
  45. sharing chai with nationals
  46. laughing at my language skills with nationals
  47. meeting new friends in a new language
  48. an eagerness to discuss Spiritual things
  49. getting smeared with haldi
  50. laughing at the tumeric staining my white skin
  51. dancing
  52. mustache dancing brothers
  53. Mehek
  54. invites to homes for dinner
  55. Romans 8:30
  56. shared recipes
  57. playing angry birds with Jedu
  58. eating bhindi masala and roti with Lalita
  59. dry breezes
  60. living in the only place in the world where I can wear an entire outfit in the same color
  61. rose gardens on the side of the road
  62. fellowship with sisters in Christ
  63. being called an Auntie’s “beta”
  64. neighbors helping
  65. open windows
  66. practical jokes
  67. cleaned desks
  68. horns honking
  69. children’s laughter
  70. text messages from friends
  71. our househelper bringing us sweet potatoes from the village
  72. family recipes
  73. homemade pizza
  74. large cappucinos
  75. AWESOME weather
  76. polka dots
  77. sharing the cross in Hindi
  78. making jokes in another language
  79. Christmas trees going up
  80. only being able to find extremely loud obnoxious colors in Christmas lights
  81. Bible studies in other languages
  82. my mama’s handwriting
  83. team prayer time
  84. sharing pumpkin cheesecake with nationals who love it
  85. cuban coffee
  86. granola
  87. rugs given to us by a friend
  88. fall-feeling breeze
  89. open windows
  90. morning paper
  91. washed dishes
  92. “You’ve Got Mail”
  93. printed pictures
  94. beach visits
  95. Pav Padji
  96. little kids dancing
  97. wedding drums
  98. christmas music
  99. new friends
  100. sneezes
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