July 5, 2012























So it’s been a while since I last updated my instagram section, but wait no more cause here it is!

1.  We had the AWESOME opportunity to get to share the Gospel with 70+ national believers and encourage them in how to share our blessed hope.  It was so encouraging–here’s some of my notes from the event!

2.  What’s a Southern girl to do in South Asia? Make hand apple pies, of course.  And MAN were they amazing scrumptious heavenly all of the above.  YUM-O.

3.  Huzzah for a Chinese Sunday lunch with friends after church! I LOVE getting to meet believers here in the city and have fellowship with them.  The Body of Christ knows no bounds, people, and that includes culture.

4.  Words cannot begin to express how much this girl means to me.  Her friendship, encouragement, and boldness in sharing the Gospel will forever stay with me.  This past week we spent one last day-of-fun (name that Friends episode) together before she left the country to get hitched.

5.  In other important news, I was finally able to unpack my things.  The unpacking definitely included decorating my room–woohoo! And yes, there was chevron and typography.  Thank you for asking.

6.  Aaaannnnddddd the typography continues.  This one came after listening to Andrew Peterson’s version of the Doxology.  It’s a good one, people.

7.  Here’s a shot of the crowd of believers that came to the training! Did I mention how encouraging it was? Okay, good.

8.  Remember that sari party I told you about? Here are some more pictures from the fun night! Please note our very own Jedu: rules must be followed.

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