a very sari party

Step 1:

In our case, we got lucky and found ourselves the one and only Lena Gray Pendergrass.  Rumor has it that she is, indeed, the beginning of any and all hipster movement.  I’m sure you’ve wondered about the girl who has worn overalls since 1996 along with her one-of-a-kind rogan boots?  Well wonder no more, ladies and gentlemen, wonder no more.

Step 2:

Go on and get yourself some fabulous sorry’s saris.  Make sure you don’t skip out on the fabulous part.  It’s a pretty vital part of the equation and I’d hate to see the result if you neglect it…

Step 3:

Any amazing party remains dependent upon your very own amazing friends.  Let me assure you, a sari party is no exception.  Seriously though, what a blessed time we had with these sweet friends praying over Lena’s upcoming marriage.  The body of Christ knows no boundary, friends: culture or distance–only the Spirit that binds us all in perfect unity.


We interrupt this “How To:” message to ensure that you’re aware that any perfectly acceptable sari party is incomplete without your very own Jedu: complete with all the roaring, laughter, silly faces, and petitions to play the “drawing game” on my phone.  Trust me, people, you don’t want to make the mistake of not ensuring Jedu’s presence.

Step 4:

Perhaps the last vital part of any good sari party extravaganza is the food.  If you’re lucky, chicken biryani falls from heaven in a manna-like fashion.

It’s a good thing, people, oh it’s good.


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2 Responses to a very sari party

  1. creationmom says:

    And, whenever you have the opportunity, tell that Lena girl that I love, love, love her!!

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