a father’s day story

My Father’s day gratefulness in pictures:

I’m so glad you wouldn’t take no for an answer when you went on a blind date with Mom and she wouldn’t go back out with you because she was busy with work and night classes.  I’m not sure how she said no to your Tom Selleck mustache, and I’m sure you didn’t know either–thus your continual asking.  So thanks for your persistence, Dad. 

AND I’m glad that 4 months after you met Mom, you asked her to marry you.  You knew what you wanted, and a year later, ya’ll were married.  Bravo, Dad.

And despite the CONSTANT fighting when we were little, I guess I am pretty glad you guys had Grayson.  Whatever.

(But don’t tell him I said that.  Or do.  I don’t care.)

I am, however, 1125% sure that you can repair anything. I’m sure that I speak for me and mom when I say thanks.

You’re my favorite person to quote Tombstone with, listen to Fleetwood Mac with, and to watch Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (and make fun of Kevin Costner’s mullet) with (I’m pretty sure your making fun of him lies in the fact that Mom thinks he’s such a hunk.  And for that, I say, “Bravo, Daddy, Bravo.”).  There’s no one I’d rather learn to change a tire from, to learn to mow the lawn from, to learn to make biscuits from.  You’re the grandest Dad I’ve ever had and I love you lots.

Happy Father’s day, Daddy.

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One Response to a father’s day story

  1. Jody and Emily says:

    Love this. Yay for awesome dads!

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