Esther, The Honeybadger: Part 1

“Now Esther was winning favor in the eyes of all who saw her.” Esther 2:15

Perhaps the first characteristic that I want to draw forth in regards to Esther is her entire character.  From the minute she enters the scene she begins finding favor in the eyes of all around her. Why?

The Holy Spirit is a very attractive thing.  When a young woman’s (or anyone’s) identity and confidence–not arrogance–rests in her Creator, it’s a very attractive thing.  When the Spirit seals us (Ephesians 1:13) at the moment of salvation, we become new creatures who begin to bear the fruit of that which now defines us: the Holy Spirit.  The spirit of death that reigned in us now remains dead and we are now governed by the love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control that lies in the person and character of the Holy Spirit.

Let me stop here and say that I don’t by any means wish to create some sort of checklist or high, unattainable woman serves only to expose our inadequacy.  I’m not trying to create a checklist because the main thing we need to know is that Esther, just like you and me, was a fallen, sinful, selfish, broken woman apart from the person and work of Christ.  Of herself, she brings nothing to the table.  What sets her apart in our minds and in the minds of those around her remains the Holy Spirit who sanctifies and convicts her of all unrighteousness.  The Holy Spirit remains that which tells us that our life is not our own, and that when we mess up (which is inevitable) we claim the cross, when we hurt someone’s feelings or speak wrongly, etc, we come in repentance and humility, and when we interact with others,  we overall seek the peace, truth, and unity of the Spirit.  Our desires, if we are in Christ, no longer remain without direction, purpose, or vision.  Christ convicts, directs, and leads His flock with beautiful, meaningful purpose.

And it’s Christ that sets our dear friend, Esther, apart from the rest.  The world around us demands that our personality, creativity, sense of humor, abilities, experiences, authority, knowledge, etc be that which gives us favor and attention in the eyes of others, but our Creator speaks of something different.  He gently and boldly says, “Let Me give joy and confidence through the  value, purpose, identity that I offer.”

May the Spirit strip away the surface level need to impress and compete with our sisters in Christ and create genuine, real, honest unity that only comes through Him.

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